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Cultivating Cannabis Medicine with Kindness

With science as our guide we develop cannabis therapies that directly affect your well-being.

Sweet Relief

From chef-crafted edibles featuring local ingredients to the highest quality flower, pre-rolls and tinctures—KindBio products offer consistent therapeutic benefits YOU can count on.

Show Me Kindness

KindBio is a Missouri owned, grown and operated cultivator and manufacturer of medical marijuana. Our expert team is leading the country in molecular breeding technology to deliver the highest-quality medical marijuana.

Cannabis Therapy Works

"I depend upon my daily dose of marijuana to help me get through the day free from the anxiety that a high-stress job and hectic home life can generate. It helps me be a happier mom and better boss."

Sophie, Age 42
Single Mom and Entrepreneur

"A KindBio Dutchie paired with my morning coffee is the perfect combo for energizing me for a morning of pickleball and running errands."

Mary, Age 72
Doting Grandmother and Avid Swimmer

"Would I encourage a patient of mine to take cannabis for PTSD? Absolutely! There are tremendous potential benefits with almost zero negative outcomes compared to opioid usage."

Robert, Age 60
Army Doc and Iraq War Veteran

Stay Informed

Discover your KindBio True Strain, and identify the personalized therapy to best suit your needs. Come grow with us.