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Advancing Cannabis Medicine for YOU

KindBio is a Missouri owned, grown and operated cultivator and manufacturer of medical marijuana. Our expert team is leading the country in molecular breeding technology to deliver the highest-quality medical marijuana that directly impacts your needs.

Find Your True Strain

Soon, you will be able to join our proprietary Health Portal to discover your KindBio True Strain, and identify the personalized therapy to best suit your needs. Our wide array of certified provisions will be available in flower, vape, pre-roll, and tinctures and a bespoke line of premium edibles.

Connect with Kindness

The KindBio Health Portal will allow you to keep a Dosing Journal, and provide the KindBio medical team with direct feedback. This trusted partnership results in a crowd-sourced cannabis development platform for the advancement of medical cannabis therapy. Coming soon!

Our Trusted Team

The KindBio team is comprised of accomplished professionals who have come together for the same cause—to provide patients with exceptional products that are personalized to their medical needs.

We are a PhD biochemist, an Iraqi war army veteran, four cancer survivors, a Baptist minister, doctors, a molecular biologist, an international human rights observer, three award winning chefs, long-distance runners, three organic farmers, a trained opera singer, single mother, navy veteran, avid fly fisherman, and you. We invite you to become a part of our work in our crowd-sourced medical cannabis platform to make cannabis medicine better for all. We are in this together!

Together, we can move cannabis medicine forward.

Stay Informed

Discover your KindBio True Strain, and identify the personalized therapy to best suit your needs. Come grow with us.