Battling the Side Effects of Chemo

“Cannabis may alleviate some side effects” was all 27-year-old Jeff needed to hear from his neurosurgeon and oncologist to get started on his self-directed cannabis-as-medicine regimen. Diagnosed with a “one-in-a-million” form of brain cancer as a young adult, he knew he wanted to be proactive in seeking a variety of therapies to lessen its debilitating side effects.

Nausea and an altered sense of taste and smell is something he would battle for nearly a year while going through cancer treatment. “It is super important to stay well-hydrated through treatment” Jeff cautioned and marijuana helped him overcome the radiation induced noxious smell of water that made staying hydrated so difficult.

Heightened anxiety leading up to routine scans following treatment also left Jeff looking for relief from stress. “It definitely helped me deal with the symptoms of post-surgery life and allowed my body to be primed and ready for what came next.”

Jeff brings his experience as a cancer survivor and his caring spirit to work every day as part of KindBio’s expert cultivation team.

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