Medical Marijuana 101

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana refers to using the cannabis flower or extracts for various ailments and conditions. Ingested or inhaled, the body absorbs the plants active ingredients, cannabinoids. Cannabis contains over 80 cannabinoids, many of which have been found to have therapeutic benefits - the 2 major ones being cannabidiol and (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC - thank goodness for acronyms!). The potential health benefits of these and other cannabinoids comprise the reason for KindBio's entry into this space -

How do I find the right strain for my needs?

A knowledgeable budtender could point you in the right direction, but we have a better idea. KindBio is developing a science driven approach to developing personalized medicine made specifically for a patient’s particular needs and conditions. Our soon-to-launch health portal will allow you to match your desired results and KindBio's unique high quality strains. Sign-up for our email and be the first to know about KindBios true strain certified therapy.

What are the various ways to consume medical marijuana?

Traditionally, most people think of cannabis as only for smoking, but there are many ways to consume this helpful plant medicine. Main alternatives include inhaling vaporizing concentrates and ingestion of edibles..

Concentrates have been purified in order to separate the medicine from the plant matter, leaving you with a much cleaner and clearer experience. Kind Bio concentrates are made using CO2- the same extraction process used to extract caffeine from coffee beans. Because this is a natural component of the air we breathe, there is no added taste or risk to health when inhaling.

Ingestion can come in the form of your favorite snacks, such as mints or jerky. Digesting takes a bit more time to start but has a much more even and long-lasting effect. At Kind Bio, our edibles come in very specific and small quantities so you can find the perfect dose that gives you relief throughout your day. KindBio also make 2 edibles that literally melt on your tongue for quick absorption.

What are the effects of medical marijuana?

Like your fingerprint, we each have a unique biology and interaction with the medicine we take. If you are new to cannabis, take small doses in a safe setting to find what works best for you. However, there are two main effects people receive:

First is relief. Many people use medical marijuana to relax the body. Certain products and strain varieties relieve chronic pain and aid with sleep.

Second is stimulation. Other types of cannabis give a boost in energy and creativity. These products are used to feel more inspired and engaged with life.

Confused about which strain is best for you? Find your True Strain ~ coming soon ~ to this website. We will help you discover the results you are looking for.

A dosing journal, like the one KindBio has developed, is an excellent way for you to keep tabs on your cannabis journey. Recording your unique marijuana experience on the KindBio Health Portal helps you track the medicinal effects of your cannabis therapy, while also providing KindBio with critical data needed to develop the best plant-based medicine for your specific needs.

Where can I find KindBio products?

Coming soon!

What strains do you grow?

KindBio offers a vast variety of the most popular strains and, more importantly, is developing its own line of special proprietary strains developed with your needs in mind.

Stay Informed

Discover your KindBio True Strain, and identify the personalized therapy to best suit your needs. Come grow with us.