Relief and a Restful Night

Once a hardy backpacking guide in the Colorado Rockies, Lindsey suffered the mysterious overnight collapse of her health in May of 2010. She was 22 years-old, and spent the next year bedridden in her parents’ home.

Over the next seven years she saw over 50 doctors, traveling to specialists across the country never to receive an accurate diagnosis. Her daily challenges with fatigue, brain fog, muscular pain and sleep issues amounted to a low quality of life and a struggle to work full time.

Eventually in the spring of 2017, her instincts led her to get tested for Lyme disease and, finally, she landed on a definitive diagnosis. After so many years left untreated, the bacterial infection had become entrenched in her organs and fried her nervous system. She hadn’t slept well in years.

Soon after receiving the Lyme diagnosis, Lindsay married Nate, an experienced licensed home grower. Nate worked with Lindsay to fine-tune a cannabis protocol that would help her sleep.

“I certainly had to confront my reservations with using cannabis,” she says. “Because my system is extremely sensitive, I’ve experienced so many negative side effects with other drugs and protocols. But I’ve found cannabis - and the Flubber strain in particular - to be a gentle tool for turning down the noise in my nervous system. It helped retrain my body to “remember” how to enter into deeper states of rest and repair.”

She continues to treat Lyme disease with an herbal protocol, with cannabis as one of her trusted allies for a deep, nourishing sleep.

Lindsey’s husband, Nate, is part of the KindBio team developing strains to help all people live a full and better life.

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