The Slippery Slope of Painkillers

One Percocet a day turned into an unsustainable six for 35 year-old “M.B’. After years of chronic pain due to severe endometriosis, surgery afforded some temporary relief but the pain soon returned. “There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed” recounted M.B. as her work and personal life suffered.

“Nobody could give me any answers, except to prescribe more opioids,” lamented M.B. adding, “I could feel my body getting addicted. It was after experiencing seizures while waiting for a prescription to be filled that I knew I had a problem.” Friends had been suggesting marijuana for years but never having smoked or consumed cannabis in any form she was very hesitant.

Desperation and the fear of becoming an addict moved her to give cannabis a try. Her first trip to a dispensary was informative and she left with a variety of edibles - her asthma kept her from wanting to inhale or vape any product. Today, M.B. has found her cannabis dosage “sweet spot” and is enjoying the end to her daily opioid addiction. “I may take Percocet 3 times a year when the pain is particularly bad - but never again every day, throughout the day. I am so happy medicinal marijuana is becoming more mainstream.” one of KindBio’s first patients to join our Health Portal. We look forward to working with her to identify her certified true strain and offer her a pain free life.

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