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You can trust KindBio products for quality, traceability, and efficacy.

Fine Cannabis

Cultivated in Missouri featuring tested and certified strains, KindBio Fine Cannabis is cultivated with the patient in mind. Experience therapeutic benefits available in ultra-premium flower, pre-rolls, vapes and tinctures.

Bespoke Edibles

Carefully crafted by regional chefs using local ingredients, the KindBio edible line is a culinary delight featuring Paté de Fruit, Mint Meltaways, keto caramels, English toffee, keto-friendly beef jerky, and even a Dutch classic—the Stroopwafel. Focusing on great taste and a consistent medicinal effect, each edible is infused with precise doses from the finest cannabis flower.

Pate De Fruit

Antioxidant rich fruit purees make this melt in your mouth sweet and sour edible a treat to consume!

Beef Jerky

Made in small batches from Missouri Rain Crow Ranch grass fed beef cuts. Absolutely the best savory edible you ever experience. Keto friendly too!

English Toffee

Crunchy, buttery with Missouri grown nuts. We drench the entire piece in creamy fair-trade Askinosie white chocolate and finish it off with a coating of crunchy nuts. Amazing!

Mint Meltaways

These microdosed little lovelies will melt on your tongue and deliver the medicine quickly and at 2.5 mgs or less per piece you can choose your perfect experience.

The Dutchie

This stroopwafel, an Amsterdam street food, is widely popular in the morning for the best wake and bake experience. Just set The Dutchie on your coffee or tea mug and let the chocolate pecan “Motella” melt a little from the heat of your cup and you will have a breakfast epiphany!

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